Win 7 64 bit freeze up after startup

Hello, about a month ago, i started to build my pc, everything is going well until about a month later when i bought gtx 460. I started playing few games, everythings good, until I played bad company 2 for about 20 minutes when it just froze on me. After that everything went downhill from there. Now even if i don't play a game it'll just freeze right after startup. Sometimes a few minutes, sometimes it might take to close to an hour. I did everything that I can to fix it. Reseat everything, reinstall operating system, memory placement, using the onboard videocard, etc. As far as i know everything is up to date, bios, drivers, etc. Also a good number of times I also experince some freezing when my phone received a text message, it seems like its also sensitive to rf. Not all the time but sometimes it does freeze right after. When I go to safe mode, I don't experience any freeze at all, so it could be a driver issue? my friend is telling me maybe its the cpu, mobo or memory? Help plz, Thank you.

Pc specs:
Asus m4a785td-evo
Amd phenom II 555
evga gtx 460 768mb
gskill ripjaws ddr3 pc12800 1600 4gb 2x2
cooler master 690 II
thermaltake black widow 850w/antec earthwatts 500w
seagate 250G
lite-on dvd burner
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  1. What you are describing sounds like one of two problems: heat and/or power.

    If you are OCing anything, go back to default until the problem is solved.

    Verify that all of your fans are indeed working and that your airflow is good. Pay particular attention to the fan on your GPU.

    When the system is operational, how do the temps look? Are you getting any artifacting (distorted display) before it dies?

    BTW, don't worry about the cell RF stuff. Most PCs will pickup in/out-bound signals and it is usually not an issue unless you are setting your phone right on your PC or its components. Simply move the phone away from your PC.

    You also list 2 PSUs. Which one are you actually using?

    Last, when you installed the 460, did you clean the registry after you removed the previous GPU drivers, BEFORE you installed the current Nvidia drivers? If not, you need to do so. If you were using the integrated GPU before adding the 460, you went from ATI to Nvidia drivers and could have a conflict.

    Heat and/or power are the likely candidates here. Need you to check your temps and get back to the forum. I am sure one of the brainiacs here can help. Good luck!
  2. Check the event viewer to see if something is crashing, and logging errors.
    start-->run-->eventvwr.msc-->look at the system and application logs

    Make sure you have the newest graphics driver. One of the main differences in safe mode, is it uses the windows default video driver.
  3. I check my temperature for both mobo, cpu and gpu and their all pretty good temp, all in their low 30's idle. We tested both stock and overclock settings and both freeze no matter what.

    All fans seems to be working as far as i noticed. I even turn the gpu fan at 70% which is the max the gtx 460 fan can go. I don't get any distored display when it freezes up. It will just simply freeze, mouse not moving, although I do hear sometimes sound coming from my speaker, its like a continuing or repeting sound until i boot my computer.

    I used both psu, first I used the antec, then I thought it might just be the psu failing or not supplying enough power that causes occasional bootup so I changed my psu to 850w, but its still the same. So for now I'm using the thermaltake 850w.

    When I added the gtx 460 no i didnt clean the registry and also didnt uninstall the old driver., I did however just installed the new driver. Do I now have to uninstall the ATI driver since im not using it anymore? Which registry cleaner program should I use? CCleaner?
  4. So since it freezes up on me on normal mode, I guess I should be all doing this under safe mode? Uninstalling, installing and cleaning registry? Thanks
  5. Yes, ccleaner is a good registry cleaner. It doesn't hurt to try it, but I don't believe the problem lies there.

    At this point, I would uninstall all of the graphics drivers. Then download, and install the newest version for your card.

    Did you check the event viewer?
  6. If i run the ccleaner, is there any mode that i should be doing? clean and registry?
  7. Mode? As in windows mode? Safe mode is fine if you're freezing in normal windows.

    Just click on the registry tool. Analyze to see if there are issues, then click to resolve them. You may need to run it several times to fix all the issues.

    Once again, did you check the event viewer? I really think the answer lies there.
  8. First, uninstall the video drivers (both the ATI and Nvidia drivers you installed), then run CCLeaner (the registry tab). Analyze and then clear all errors. You may have to run several times in succession until the registry is clean. Once you have zero errors, reboot the system and install the most current drivers for your GPU. Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the help guys. I was out of town this past few days, I will be back tomorrow, I will try all the things posted here. I will let you guys know what will happen, hopefully it'll fix the problem.
  10. ok i uninstalled ati and nvidia, whenever i go to normal mode, it still freezes, i dont know wat to do anymore. help plz
  11. i also did run ccleaner by the way numerous times until theres no more errors
  12. spyder0314,

    3 times I've asked if you've looked in the event viewer. When your OS has an error, it often creates a log in the application or system sections in the event viewer. So, for a 4th time I suggest, check your event viewer for errors.
  13. ok now even in safe mode it hangs, i cant even open event viewer
  14. ok i had a bunch of errors from event viewer under system section, it says "homegroup provider service depends on the function discovery provider host service which failed to start because of the following error: The dependency service or group failed to start,
    some errors instead of homegroup provider, its the computer browser instead
    and some says "dcom got error "1084" attempting to start the service wsearch with arguments "" in order to run the server
  15. Can you take a screenshot of the log or upload the log here with rapidshare?
  16. thats exactly what it says
  17. i give up for tonight, problem might be my ram, i tried both rams and putting them at every slots and freezes up no matter what. I tried running memtest but it doesnt seem to boot up from my cd
  18. Have you used the memtest disc before? It may not have been burned right. Once you download the memtest .iso, you can use imgburn to create the bootable disc.

    It would be helpful if I could see your error log.
  19. when it don't boot up at my screen at all, it gives me 1 beep then 8 consecutive beeps
  20. My computer is doing the same thing with the gigabyte 460 1GB version. It was running fine until I started playing Empire Total War, then I had a blue screen of death. After that, it was freezing at the login screen or a few minutes after. It crashes in safe mode and even during POST sometimes. I upgraded my PSU from a 430watt to a 500 and it still crashes. I booted off of my windows XP partition and it still crashes. Oddly enough when I first installed the card I only had XP and it worked great for several weeks, the problems only started when I installed windows 7 64 bit. I switched back to my old card and everything is fine.

    RMA maybe? I'm not overclocking it or running any stressful games so it shouldn't be overheating, but I should check that out.

    Also I'm getting the same sort of error that the TC is seeing on the event viewer. Strange huh?
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