Need to replace my AGP video card


I have a ASUS A7N8X motherboard (BIOS version 1008) with AMD Athlon XP 2700+ processor and a PSU with real 400W.

My geforce 7800 gs oc 256mb is not working anymore (I've tested today) and I'm looking for a agp video card replacement, better than my dead geforce. Can be anyone from Nvidia or ATI.

I just need some help to know which agp video card is the best one today and which one will fit well on my computer without bottlenecks etc so I can buy another agp video card for my computer.

Can someone help me ?

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  1. 4650/70 agp, I used to own a EVGA 7900gs co before so you will see a Nice boost over your old card.
  2. well, thats a little tricky since most agp cards are old or really slow.
    BUT i did find a HD4670 and the funny thing is i also found this review on newegg:

    An AGP ATI Card that works out of box
    Reviewed By: Hardin9745 on 6/8/2010

    Pros: I purchased the identical (or nearly so) HIS AGP 4670 from newegg recently. Approx a 20 % improvement over my retired Nvidia 7800GS (BFG oc edition) which was also a Great great card.
  3. Thank you guys.

    Any suggestion from Nvidia side ? 7900GS or 7950GT are also recommended ?

    I'm aware that AGP cannot be compared with PCIe technology, but for now I don't want to spend tons of money to replace/upgrade my entire computer as now I'm playing games in PS3 ... just want to have my computer working again.
  4. They do exist in AGP form but are very rare and do need a lot more attention of maintenance than the 7800gs due to the lower quality coolers that they often shipped with but aren't worth it so I would either get another 7800gs or go ATI. If you want all out performance then start hunting for a 3850/70 agp which are very very rare as well but they are the best you can get for agp.
  5. Thanks a lot for your help.
  6. wiinippongamer said:

    You linked the wrong card, this one is pci-e. You should read the thread prior to responding.
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