Is this a good PSU?

This is the one I have right now

It recently started to making grinding noises. Searched online a bit and decided to buy a new PSU I was wondering if this is a good PSU that would fit into my HP Pavilion Media Center m8200n. I'm new to this so i was wondering does it matter where the PSU Fan is positioned? Also i can't find the dimensions on these PSU i was hoping you can help me find them.

The one I'm most edging on
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  1. For that price, you definitely should give the HP PSU a miss.. Your selected PSU (Corsair CX 400) is awesome so stick with it.. A quick google search on the m8200n lists the case to be a mid size ATX and thus, most of the PSU's (which definitely includes your selected one) will fit fine.. Nothing to worry about on that aspect..
  2. go for the corsair , u wont regret it
  3. My favorite "under 500 watt" PSU. :)
  4. Everyone's favourite "under 500 watt" PSU i guess..
  5. Tells you something, doesn't it?
  6. Thank you for the help um i was wondering does it matter like w here the fan is? like you know the corsair fan will be downwards and my hp psu fan is pointing north.

    Edit: I have a 9400GT graphics card too and i don't think my other psu wasn't enough. I'm sure Corsair 400 will be enough I heard it is a good company.

    Thank you again for the help.
  7. lol that hp psu looks like a bestec...and the bestecs are ok if not fully loaded. but hp like all other big oems under-watts their power supplies...
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