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how should i do it? just put a pea size in the middle of the cpu and just seat the heatsink on or my friend said put pea size on and use a credit card/school id and spread it around then put heat sink on
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  1. youtube has a million vids on it, watch a few to get an idea of the amount necessary, and bear in mind the method may be different depending on what type of cooler you have.
  2. ill be using stock cooler tha came with i5 760, i just read about air bubbles or some crap like that, so im just wondering if the credit card way is bad cause of that
  3. If you are using the stock cooler, you need do nothing other than remove the plastic cover on the pre-applied paste.

    If you choose to remove that . . . clean it well, apply some paste . . . say three thin lines the width of a grain of rice, the length of two grains, equally spaced and centered on the cpu. Or the heat sink. Install.
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    If you are using the stock Intel cooler, it's already preapplied

    Here is what I use:
  5. Yes just put a small smount of it in the middle and spread it so it gets covered with a thin layer. I've been using this method forever.

    Whatever you do though don't put this much:
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