Will Intel still make LGA1366 and LGA1156 CPUs after Sandy Bridge?

My cousin wants to build a PC. I told him to go my route, wait untill next year that way when Intel releases the next gen. CPUs the prices of current i7 and Phenoms should go down. Out of curiousity how long will Intel continue to produce current CPUs after Sandy Bridge is released? Or will they flat out stop producing them. If Sandy Bridge is a major improvement (which it seems like when I reed articles about it) I plan on upgrading right away from a Phenom II X3 720 BE unlocked 4th core. If it's a dissapointment I'll just try to pick up a 2nd hand i7-9XX and a EVGA Classified board. So what you guys think of my plan?
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  1. No way to tell, unfortunately. Many people have asked the same question. There may be a few new models for 1366/1156, but those will probably be higher-clocked versions of the current ones.
  2. LGA1366 will be there pretty much until late 2011. But LGA1156 will pretty much be EOL soon after.

    I am sure they will still make a few but not like right now.
  3. Intel is still making a few Core2 CPU's, so I'd guess so.
  4. Of course. Not all fabs have been retooled for 32nm.
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