My computer Power of suddenly

My home build computer power off suddenly from last week(usually 5 to 15 min). I tried to slove this problem by those way.
* replaced power supply(By my friend power supply)
*after shut down I check temperature of CPU its all under 45C
*Install a fresh copy of Xp
*change hard disk
*Use 1 ram
*Restore bios settings
*I am sure that it is not for virus.
But it remains same result
Now only think i have come on my mind is that my motherboard is the reason for this. But do not know how to overcome from this problem. Please help me.

NB: I made this pc 1 year ago. MY operating system is Xp.
Motherboard model is: 945GCT Hm (hp)
Ram : 1gb +1gb (DDR2)
Harddisk: 500GB
Intel: 3 Ghz
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  1. Re-seat the heatsink to the CPU.

    It is possible that something has vibrated loose and is causing poor contact between the CPU and heatsink. This will cause the CPU to overheat and shutdown the computer in order to protect it.
  2. . Make sure tower or desktop is laying on it side so the cleaner at a well lighted and ventilated area (allergies to dust.) dont forget to dust out your parts with an air compressor at 90psi (do not spin the fans or damage to part can occur.) GET ALL THE DUST EVERY THING EVEN THE POWERSUPPLY AND VENTS IN TH FRONE OF THE CASE AND THE BACK> YOU THANK YOU SELF LATERON.
    Avoid the use of canned air dangerous (condensation) waist of time and far cheaper.
    TIP: use a non metalic object suchas a nylon zip tie TO OBSTRUCT THE FANS FROM SPINNING.

    2. now look at your motherboard/ graphics card for capacitors that are failing.
    (the top of a good capacitor is flat, and if are they domed up as well as leaking with crust, note it is rare to have a capacitor to buldge out through bottom.)

    3. goto radio shack and buy Arti-Clean thermal compound remover/ cleaner also buy artic silver 5 thermal compound.

    4. then goto the local super market and buy cotton balls, and q-tips (the type used for cleaning your ears out) use them for wiping up the fluids (make sure not to get any cleaner on the motherboard or on other curciuts.

    5. after all surfaces have been cleaned apply very thin coat of artic silver too think and it waistfull makes thermal conductivity decrease in performance.wait 2 hour for the circuits to dry (incase of spillage of the cleaner)

    6. if this did'nt work reset the motherboard and count the standoffs(brass hex scews that you mount mb to) and make sure your not overclocking cpu or ram. finnally check your wires for fraying, scratched, damaged insulation, then look for loose bad connectors that lead from ; atx and p1 sockets and plugs, molex /berg connectors and fan wires 3 pin, for pin make certain not to plug a floppy (berg connector to the motherboard.)

    Big tip: make sure you look at the installation manuals and follow installation instructions it may take forever but if done correctly it will help and hide the wires, make sure fans are pointed in the right direction I.E: a tipical atx case REAR FAN below the power supply pushes hot air out , fan(S) on the SIDE window or panel pulls air in the FRONT pulls air in. and at the TOP of the case air blow up and out BOTTOM pulls in(UPWARDS).( some chasss may not have the fan in the spots) THINK OF AN S CURVE AIR FLOW.
  3. sorry if seem to yell but i try to make big thing stick out and hope i didnot overwhelm you information
  4. forgot to mention to check for loose screws or other metallic objects metal flys computer dies. finnaly make certian you motherboard cpu and memory settings are correct ie: voltage cpu/memory timings and multipliers are right
  5. Thanks for replays I will do it to night and let you know the result.
  6. I tried all the way but could not find For thisd. I notice a new thing that if i go to bios setting and stay there more than 3 hours its not power off!!! but if i exit from bios setting and tried to boot up then power off.
  7. Have you tried booting up in safe mode? Does it still power off in safe mode? If it doesn’t then try doing a system restore back to a time when you didn’t have this problem or reinstall the operating system.
  8. pjmelect said:
    Have you tried booting up in safe mode? Does it still power off in safe mode? If it doesn’t then try doing a system restore back to a time when you didn’t have this problem or reinstall the operating system.

    I tried but same result.
  9. while in the bios you comput may boot up but it will not run full at speed
  10. what was the problem before this one started (long time back) it may relate to the one you dealing with at the present.
  11. please post pics of the guts of your machine if possible closeups if possible lol
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