SSD for an i7-920, X58 PC?

Currently running a 3 year old system- i7-920, 8GB Ram, Gigabyte ga ex58 ud3r motherboard. Boot drive is a Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s. Plenty of life left, but, thinking I may want to upgrade it a bit.

Thinking of switching it out for a SAMSUNG 830m 256GB SATA III MLC SSD.

Question is- will I see any real world performance from the Samsung w/ my current MOBO/ setup? (believe this mother board is only 3 Gb/s SATA). Will I need to add a new controller? Or, should I just wait, and build a whole new system?

Thoughts appreciated...
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  1. A Samsung 830 256Gb would be a great performance enhancement, even using SATA II. Most of the stuff you do is probably not large sequential writes, but smaller random reads and writes at, so you won't even notice the SATA II/SATA III difference. Also, the access times are far better. No new controller needed, just use AHCI mode when doing your Windows re-install and then optimize your drive performance using a guide like this very good one:
  2. You've waited this long to get an SSD? Best performance gains for the buck.
  3. +1 above.
    I also still have an x58 / i7-920 base and you're going to be very happy when you start to use your new desktop! Of course, keep the HDD primarily for data e.g. films/music/etc.
    If you haven't already done make sure you overclock the 920; you should easily get 3.8-4GHz on a reasonable air cooler.
    If you would like SATA6 and USB3 simply get an add-in card for your board (they should be pretty cheap).
  4. Thanks for all the good information! Sounds like a no brainer.

    Gonna pull the trigger on a 256GB SAMSUNG 830m.
  5. Already been stated above, but wanted to add I'm running on an i7 920 as well on a gigabyte board and it basically felt like a new system on an ssd. Whatever you do, do not buy a corsair drive to try and use with that system though. Samsung 830 and you will be amazed at the difference.
  6. Thanks to everyone on this thread. Received my SAMSUNG 830m 256GB today- brought all my data over, and have it up and running.

    Definitely way faster - benchmarking score about ~570 on AS SSD Benchmark. Looks like that's within the range of other Sata II boards. GB board does take time to post, but, once windows 7 starts loading---- it's very fast.

    This may lead me to a new PC build- with faster controllers/ RAID to get the full speed advantage...
  7. Nice! Enjoy it, but I would not expect any noticeable difference on a newer motherboard. I would probably wait for the next tick or tock (whichever is next :) ) with an i7-920.

    If you don't use a specific extra motherboard controller, disable it and it will speed those post times.
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