Newbie - Need Advice - Build for graphic design work...

Hey guys, great forum! I'm looking to build a PC for graphic design/web design... I Also make music as a hobby. No gaming at all and no watching movies... I'm taking some online training classes and need something that won't slow me down.

I'm just worried about ordering parts and then finding out they won't be compatible. I have a basic grasp on parts and technology. It's just that - when reading reviews i get overwhelmed with always hearing "you'd be better of with this or that"

I know Intel is changing in 2011. I want to spend between $800 - $1000 (US)

I'm thing AMD is they way to go if i want to upgrade later? I feel like this will be a new hobby of mine :)

Any advice?
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  1. 1055T Thuban
    880G chipset
    4GB DDR3
    500GB-1TB Hdd
    380-500w 80+
    at least a 2 x 120mm fans capable casing
    aftermarket cooler (optional)
    professional class GPU (optional, if apps take advantage of GPU acceleration)
    60GB Sandforce based SSD (optional)
  2. ^ 4 mins later? LOL

    So, is that from someone else build or do you throw that together real quick? Thanks
  3. Twas from my config last month actually..ah the sweet combos of July :P
  4. Awesome, that really looks sweet... Much thanks. Only thing is the case. I really like the Antec Nine Hundred Black
    Seems popular and i want a nice look to it. I'd spend the extra cash for it

    Thank you
  5. Well ones sense of aesthetics is really subjective so go with a case u like but that would be more of a gamer's case hehe
  6. ^ Ha... One more question. I was told that a drive like this would be great to store my OS on. Is this worth it if i have the extra $ or should I x it? I like the idea of having a separate drive for data, but not sure if it's worth it...
  7. Ouch 2 x SSDs? At current $$/GB most would be using these as boot/OS with very very careful placement of speciality software/apps on these drives Storage the best solution is still (for the $$) traditional mechanical hdds
  8. ^ Thanks. Sorry, i over looked that Mushkin drive...

    If I buy the fancy case (gamer case) would I still need that CPU cooler?

    Case has:

    Cooling System
    80mm Fans No
    120mm Fans 1 x 120mm TriCool rear fan with 3-speed switch control
    2 x 120mm TriCool blue LED front fans with 3-speed switch control to cool HDDs
    200mm Fans 1 x 200mm top fan
    Side Air duct No

    Sorry, probably dumb question...

    Thanks for your help
  9. If u not familiar with OCing it's ok to stick to the stock cooler for a while and hit a nice after market one later A case with good cooling option is great but for clocking higher clocks one would best hit an after market cooler ^^
  10. ^ Hey Thank You... I noticed there is no video card on that build...
  11. So, after reading reviews about all the parts of your config. I ordered the system parts - I basically copied your entire config except the case and extra fan. I got the gamer case and added a 24" monitor from ACER. Came out to $990 for everything. Can't wait to get it up and running
  12. Ya twas for a CPU intensive / little to nil GPU acceleration build so HD 4250 integrated would suffice Happy building and u are welcomed ^^
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