Need Help Picking New Monitor

Hey guys,

My samsung 245bw just died on my today and i need help picking up another monitor. I dont need anything crazy just something better then what i had before.

thats has some information about my died monitor. Now i dont mind getting another samsung but im poor and have dell credit so im limited to there website.

So i was looking at 3 monitors. I game most of the time so it will be used for that.

the first one

the second one,g:NextStep,rk:

The third one

What do you think i should get? and why?

thanks for all the help guys!
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  1. Oh gosh, you gave us 3 options with a HUGE performance different... :)

    The 1st option is the winner(off course).
    If you don't want to spend $450 for that Alienware monitor, then the 3rd option is good(SAMSUNG)..
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