I need a good graphics card

i am going to buy a new cpu & i am intrested in gaming,i have 17"lcd ,so what will be the best card for 1280*960 resolution.i play games like crysis,farcry,assasins creed all high graphics games so what is the best card for <150$.

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  1. If u want real advice for running such games, give the entire specs of ur new PC. And BTW, CPU is the term for the processor(e.g. pentium dual core,Core i3) call ur computer a 'tower' instead. Modern games don't only require videocard power but also the raw performance of processor,RAM and PSU.
  2. 5770 should be able to play crysis on high at that level, and max the rest of them out, currently a sale on this one making it a really good deal this weekend
  3. yes.... 5770 will be enough for that resolution
    but which is your cpu, ram and PSU?
  4. now i am using,
    dg31pr mobo
    2gb ddr2 667mhz
    550w hytech psu
    dual core e2180 2ghz
    nvidia 512mb 7300gs
    lg 17"lcd at 1280*960 res.

    i planned to buy
    core 2 quad q9400 2.6ghz,
    4gb 2*2 transcend 800mhz,.

    1.which will be the good graphics card for such a less resolution?
    2.can i use the same mobo?
    3.550w psu enough?

    thank you
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    OH GOOD! nice ideas there, that E2180 really sucks.....yeah follow wat Hunter said
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  7. I know, I hav the best answer(THANKS) but I cudn't answer ur 3 questions I was in a hurry at that time, sorry :C

    1. 5770 wud be good
    2. yes
    3. yes, it'll be enough

    oh and BTW, the E2180 will bottleneck the videocard a lot, so I suggest getting ur hands on the new processor first.
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