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Hi Everyone,

So I just built a new system and my Mobo is the ASRock Extreme4 z68

I have a 1tb SpinPoint HDD, a 64gb c300, and a 128gb Crucial M4.

I installed win 7 on the Crucial M4 (thats also where my applications will go) and now I want to set my c300 up with SRT to cache for the SpinPoint 1TB hdd..

Only problem is that I cant seem to figure this out.. I've already installed a few applications so I really dont want to reformat the SSD that my OS is on.
1.) If I enter UEFI Bios and set the SATA Mode to RAID I cant boot into windows. I think this is because the Crucial M4 128gb SSD was configure originally in IDE mode.
2.) If I'm in IDE mode I cant install the Smart Response Technology Tool.
3.) According to that webpage from ASRock they want me to install the OS on the SSD while its in RAID Mode, load the tools etc, and then use the SSD with SRT. Is it possible to have two drives (my 1TB and my 64gb SSD) in RAID/SRT, while my third drive 128gb SSD is in IDE Mode? (Or just raid mode but as a non-raid disk that the OS and Apps sit on?)

If anyone has any insight on what I'm doing wrong it would be great!! thank you!
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    Well, I do know that the SRT has to be configured through the RAID controller. So, if you didn't install Windows while the ICH was in RAID mode, then you're out of luck. You'll have to put the ICH into RAID mode and reinstall Windows first.
  2. yea that was the issue. thanks m8
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