A way to find date of a battery's first use ?

Hello y'all,

I have two indentical batteries for my Lenovo; I received them both the same day, but started only by using one of them at the beginning.
I'm having a problem right now with one of them, and I would like to know which one it is. As they look-alike I have no idea which-one was the first I installed and which one was the second.

Is there a tool in Windows 7 that displays the date at which the battery was first used ? I tried with Powercfg -energy in the PowerShell, but no date is available :(.

Someone has an idea ??Thanx a lot
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  1. Nope. Something like that is impossible.

    Simply pick one and use it. If you are having problems, then that's the one you need to toss. If you are not having problems, then toss the one you are not using.
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