Radeon 5750 not recognized after a shutdown

so I recently put this computer together and it booted up fine and I loaded the os and drivers and fiddled with some games and stuff and all was well. But I've discovered if I shut the computer off and then turn it back on, the 5750 isn't recognized. the fan will go full blast on it and that's it. the computer will boot the os and all that, just no display from the card. However, if I just let it sit for 5 minutes or so, it'll work normal again. if I restart it works normal. I suppose it could be the mobo or something else, I dunno. Any thoughts would be appreciated
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8g
xfx radeon 5750
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  1. Hi tnias, did you plugin all the PCI-E power connectors to the gfx card? Double check if it is attached correctly, and tripple check if necessary. Test the onboard gfx and see if it works so.
  2. yeah. it works just fine other than I have to wait 5 minutes or so after a shutdown before the computer will recognize it again.
  3. I tried flashing the bios, removing and putting the card back in, changing settings in the bios, still can't figure it out. also, I've tried turning off the power supply and draining the power from it to try to speed things up, but still it's like there's a timer of some sort and the computer won't recognize the card until the magic time is reached. restarting the computer doesn't have issues, but if i change something in the bios and exit, the video card will stop being recognized again. also whether the card is hot or cold doesn't seem to make a difference on how long it takes before the computer will recognize it again. onboard works like a charm every time though, that is, until i start up dragon age with the settings i had on the 5750 ;p
  4. I noticed the psu was making a high pitched electrical sound, returned it and got a new one. unfortunately that had no effect on this problem, so it's probably not relative to the power supply.
  5. So I decided to remove the card from my computer and run it with on-board graphics for awhile. Then I shut the computer down and reinstalled the video card quickly and turned the computer on and it recognized it. I figure if it was the MB or something else to do with the rest of the computer system, then it shouldn't have recognized the video card since the system was recently running (since that seems to be the way this problem works). This says to me I probably just need to rma the card.
  6. nope. I tried using a more power consuming card and the computer wouldn't start at all, turns out the power supply just wasn't giving enough power. apparently it said it was a 750w psu but it probably was only 300w. sent the psu back and got a better one and the problem is solved.
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