Hard drive has stopped working on usb3 still works on USB2

Hi all,
I have been using a Seagate free agent goflex drive between windows and mac (NTFS) It has been working fine and now just is not working on usb3 port on the Windows machine. It still shows up on the USB2 ports. I really would like to keep using it on USB3 because it has large film files on it that I need to access.
Any advice greatly appreciated. There is about 800GB of data, so I really want to avoid having to copy all the files to another location and reformat the disc if possible.
Thanks for your help
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  1. Hi...

    Seems like either a driver or hardware issue (duh lol). Have you uninstalled/installed the USB3 hardware/driver via Device Manager? You may want to disconnect the drive first prior to performing said work.
    Not sure what else to say.
  2. Ok so I removed the drivers, plugged in the drive and it reinstalled the drivers on its own... got a message saying drivers installed and ready to go, but now the drive still does not show up??!! Any other ideas?
  3. Sounds like your USB encloser "Hardware" not the drive, may be on the fritz. Try another 3.0 cable.
  4. Ouch! These Seagate drives have particular type cables so I don't actually have another one on hand, but i will try to get hold of one and try that out.
  5. Before doing that maybe you can test the drive and cable on an alternate system with a USB3.0 interface.
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