ATI 5770 problem BSOD please help

Hi there... im kinda new to this forum so forgive me if i mess this up.

So here is my problem. just resently i got windows 7 64 bit for my computer. before that i ran windows vista 32 bit.

Everything was going fine up until i installed my drivers for my 5770... i boot up the computer after it tells me to re boot from installing the drivers. and as windows 7 is loading i get a 0x116 stop BSOD error... this only happens when i have the drivers installed. I can still run the computer in vista just fine.

here is what my computer is running

450 watt power suply. <-- i think may be the problem

8 gigs of ram <--- the power drainer i think. not sure tho. not to tec savy.

amd athlon 5200 64.

AMD mother bored.

sapphire 5770 HD vapor-X card.

now i know 32 bit for vista only can run 4gigs of ram and windows 7 64 bit can run more then 8... which is what i have... i dont know but it seems like its to much for my power suply to handle...

I hope someone can help me out... im completely lost at this point and dont know what to do...

thank you for your time.
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  1. i think your psu is the problem.... btw which brand is it?
  2. Its and Acer Aspire m5100 hope that helps lol...
  3. ahh and its an

    AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 5200+
  4. my PSU is a corsair sorry lol miss read the tell.
  5. Now if its the power suply... what should i get for watt... i was thinking 650 or 750 watt... 125$ isnt that bad and i can go run out and get one tommoro.
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