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One of the two fans in my laptop (Acer 3820TG) has started to make noise at low speeds. It sounds as if it was slightly hitting something light to create a high frequency "clicking" sound (like when you put playing cards on the wheels of your bicycle when you were a kid). This is only during low fan speeds, so could this be that the fan is unbalanced? If so, could it be harmful to the system? (it does seem to blow out the hot air as it should)

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  1. if you can, gently push the body of the fan back onto its seating, if it is 'wobbly' it could end up dying badly and possibly damaging your L.t
  2. Problem is, I can't seem to get the bottom removed. After removing all the screws it is still tight shut... And unfortunately I can't get to the fan without opening the whole thing up!

    It does not cause any notable vibrations, so I don't think the wobbling - if present - is very bad. It's just, I REALLY DON'T want to send it back for a 3 week repair now that I finally got a good laptop and SC2... :/
  3. If you cant get to the fan I'd say live with it as long as you can, as long as it doesnt cause any heating issues, but if it starts to, then contact manufacturer
  4. Mm, maybe that's what I'll have to do for now then... Thanks for the support :)
  5. no probs man
  6. Gosh I hate to necropost, but you're going to have to open up the whole laptop to the innards.
    If you're not savvy enough to tinker around with the components then I think you should just RMA with the manufacturer.
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