Hey Everyone,

I wanted to get some input on my build if possible. I’m planning on building a NAS that is around 66TB. This is going to be used to store video files. We're not streaming video from here, just linking to the data. Here is a parts list that I have so far. Does anyone know if this is a good choice? I’m trying to stay around $8500

Here are a few question I have:
Should I go with Sata III or Sata II?
Should I get 2x12 port raid cards or 1x24 port?
Should I create 1 large volume with hardware raid 5 or should I create a raid 50 with 2x12 cards
Should I get 2 quad cores or a single six core?

Here is the list of parts:

OS - FreeNAS

Supermicro - Server Chassis


Processor X 1

72 GB Memory

24 X Hard Drives

Raid Card

I would love to know all your ideas as well
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  1. Here are a few of my thoughts:

    I think you are overdoing it on the amount of memory (16GB should be plenty, more if you like but it is unlikely to help)
    Choosing ecc is definitely a good choice.
    that cpu is too expensive/old
    you don't need quad channel mem or massive cpu for a NAS.
    I'd go with 1155 socket xeon instead (ie: Intel Xeon E3-1245 v2 $280) this will actually be faster than your choice and cheaper.
    I'd get one of the new (just came out a few days ago) adaptec 7 series raid cards (they start at $600 and have all the new features ie: pcie 3.0, sata 3.0, small connectors low profile).
    the DM drives you list are consumer drives with no ERC support and are only officially rated for 8hrs a day of use (even tho they are the highest performing 7200rpm drives out right now)
    Take the money you save on the above choices and apply towards ERC/TLER supporting drives. IE: constellation ES.2, ES.3 (should be out anytime now), wd reds, re4, fyyz/fyyg, etc.
  2. Thanks Soul_keeper,

    I'm looking into those things now. The reason I was looking for a faster processor and more memory was in case it needed to do a raid rebuild at any point it would move a little faster. I was thinking of doing a hardware raid 5 with 2 cards and then doing a software raid 0 in FreeNAS. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it...
  3. http://blog.backblaze.com/2009/09/01/petabytes-on-a-budget-how-to-build-cheap-cloud-storage/

    This guy uses only 4GB of ddr2 and a consumer dual core cpu to push 45 drives in software raid. Might get some ideas there, but your choice of ecc mem and a xeon seems wise considering your budget.
  4. Yeah definately get RE4 or WD blacks for data since those each have 5 year warranties and the RE4's are enterprise grade
  5. You guys are definitely right. I just got caught up in drive reviews and didn't think about how I was going to use it. Thanks for the info on the BackBlaze. I was trying to remember that name of that damn thing for days and couldn't remember hahah
  6. hmmm they appear to be SFF-8643 on the card, this will require research for the proper breakout cables.

    they list their expected delivery as past due, so any day.

    you might want to email the raid card maker (whoever you choose) to verify cables and that the drives you choose have been validated.
    some places also have bulk discounts.

    just to note, I have not done any of this myself

    good luck
  7. Here is what I would do:

    24bay 4U

    PSU Power:
    MB 45W+ 384W (24x HDD @ 16W/ea) 50W for Misc - 500W~600W is plenty

    Supermicro ATOM D525 with Dual Gb/E and PCIe x4 lanes Mini-ITX

    24 ports Areca RAID card with 6x SFF-8087 connectors

    6x SFF8087 cable

    2x 2GB SODDR3 sticks

    26x 3TB Seagate HDD 7200rpm -

    Create a RAID50 out of 24x HDD set, keep extra as inventory. Then you are VERY SAFE

    Note: RAID50 will reduce the rebuilt time in half, not for speed, cuz you do not need speed

    You can transfer close to 200MB/sec if you bonding those TWO GbE

    I can built that for you too :-) lol
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