Help with a graphics problem :(

Hi all. Ok so the problem I'm getting is screen flickering and lines showing up/disappearing all over the screen. I first encountered this problem a while back only when playing games with graphic spills coming from a character/unit from the game making it unplayable 80% of the time. I also got black flickering which only seemed to go when I tabbed out.

I stopped using my PC for games after a while as I just got bored of it as I had tried everything to resolve the issue including a complete reformat and update of drivers. But now it's happening everywhere... my desktop, browser window and pretty much everything else! There are periods where everything is fine which led me to believe its due to overheating, but it does happen from startup at times :(

Is my GPU goosed? Or is it my monitor? I am tempted to just buy a new gpu but I'm not sure...

Any help/advice/criticism would be much appreciated :P
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  1. firstly:
    what gpu do you have?
    what monitor do you have plus resolution you have it set to
    and what power supply do you have (max watts and brand)
  2. have you overclocked your card?
    which gpu and psu?
  3. GPU is an Nvidia 7900GT (not OC'd).

    Monitor is a HP L1730, resolution 1280x1024.

    PSU is an Enermax 500w.

    It's been superb for 4 Years and it was my first and only build :P
    I personally think my GPU is near death :(
  4. what are the temperature while gaming?
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