OCZ Agility 4 128GB vs Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB

Hi there!

Question on what SSD to choose:

The Kingston disk shows the highest read and write speeds, but different IOPS. The OCZ is more expensive. Usually the price is an indicator of wich is best/fastest, and considering OCZ is not an expensive brand, it should apply in this setting as well.

Here are the specifications:

OCZ Agility 4 128GB

Internal dataspeed 420 MBps (read) / 300 MBps (write)
4 KB-directreading 58000 IOPS
4 KB-directwriting 72000 IOPS
Average waittime 0.02 ms

Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB

Datatransferspeed 600 MBps (external)
Internal dataspeed 555 MBps (read) / 510 MBps (write)
4 KB-directreading 20000 IOPS
4 KB-directwriting 60000 IOPS
Maximum 4 KB-directwriting 73000 IOPS

So experts: Wich disk is the fastest one?

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  1. I will say the price is not the indicator for which is best/fastest of SSD.

    For benchmark Agility4 should be better than the kingston ( Agility 4 128GB < Agility 4 256 GB ), but in real world usage I am 100% they are the same and you can feel the difference between them. Look at the review that is for Agility 4 256 GB ( most case bigger is better).


    If you let me make a choice between of them only, I will go to get the Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB. But if the price of OCZ Agility 4 128GB is the more cheaper than Kingston, then I will get the OCZ.

    If you have other to chose I will say get SAMSUNG 830, Crucial M4, or intel.
  2. I would most likely go with the Kingston, too.

    it seems to use the same technology then the OCZ Vertex 3 120GB

  3. Hi Cin!

    Both of them is the same price while on sale, so the best disk is what I'm after.

    I have been read about 3-4 reviews on each drive today. On the reviews it looks like everyone is satisfied with the OCZ, however everyone concludes with that its nothing spesial, but all in all a good ssd. The kingston is being concluded faster as of what I can tell, but I also read on different reviews that it probably will have a shorter lifespan. If that is the case I will go for the OCZ.

    " but in real world usage I am 100% they are the same and you can feel the difference between them"

    Do you mean can not feel the difference?

  4. Yes there is not difference.

    SSD lifespan is depend on the drive quality itself and the usage volume per day. For Kingston's HyperX 3K, Assuming you write 10GB to your drive every day (but you will write less than that), you'll blow through one p/e cycle per day, then for 25nm 3K p/e cycle NAND that works out to be 8.219 years. At that time your PC maybe retire already.
  5. Wow! thats calculations with insight! I'll go with the kingston then ;) Thank you guys for making it easy for me ;)
  6. Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB

    Running it now you won't be disappoint :D :D :D ed!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 1) the Kinkston has Higer Sequencial read/ writes - basically BS.
    Reason: Bet you that is based on ATTO which uses UNcompressed data, Kingston uses the SF22xx Controller which LOVES Highly compressable data - result is an Artificially High Seq read/write performace - reason I stear clear of SF22xx based SSDs. BUT then Seq performance is the LEAST Important Matrix, it is the Random 4k performance that is important and that looks to favor the Vertex 4.

    NOT a fan of benchmarks, BUT If you want to compare the two drives, look for Benchmark that shows AS SSD as it uses Compressed data for it's benchmark.

    That said, Real Life probably not a big enough diff.
    If thoes are the ONLY choice then; Myself I DO NOT buy OCZ products, However between the two, I'd have to recommend the Vertex 4 - DO NOT confuse as also a recommendation for agility/Vertex3.

    My Recommendations are for Curcial M4, Samsung 830/840, or Plextor M3/M4 - Of the three WHICH Ever is cheapeast when purchased. (Samsung 840 looks to be the best choice for laptops, use to be the M4)

    Have, 3 Curcial M4, 3 Samsung 830, 2 Agility III, and 5 Older generation SSDs.
  8. Vertex 4 no question
  9. Anandtech review Remember 4k read/writes are what are important to OS + program drive and for these two the Vertex 4 seems better:
    Also noet the diff when INcompressable data is used, less of a diff for sequencial performance when Incompressable data is used..

    Also quote from review
    The risk, as always, with SandForce based drives is that you'll run into a combination of drive + system that triggers either an incompatibility or the infamous BSOD issue. I haven't seen the bug crop up on the HyperX 3K but I haven't spent a lot of time looking for it either.
    All I can offer is the same caution we tack onto most of our SSD reviews. If you know someone with a system similar (identical?) to yours who isn't running into problems then you'll probably be fine.

    If you've had a good experience with the HyperX in a system, then the HyperX 3K is a no-brainer. You get similar, already great, performance at a lower cost.
    End quote

    Area51reopened NOT really Knocking the performance of the Kingston SSD as I really do NOT think tha average user will see much Difference in real life usage.
    Primary reason for selecting the Vertex 4 over the Kingston is "Maybe" a lower change of incountering problems with. My choice is still neither, but is for the Samsung 830/840 and Curcial M4.
  10. I think OP is not in USA, then Agility 4 or Kingston HyperX 3K is what OP can offer to buy. What can we do and all of us know Samsung 830/840, Curcial M4, and intel are the best.
  11. OPPS, I need to Read what is written, not What I "think, But seems I'm not alone:
    If choice is agility 4, NOT VERTEX 4.
    While the Agility III should be faster than the Agility III, It is still with Async Nand. This means that it probably does NOT perform much better on sata III than if on Sata II - The Aglity III performance is near identical on SATA II vs SATA III.

    Have to agree with area51, go for Kingston IF Kinkston use Syncronous NAND chips.
    If Kingston also uses Asyncronous NAND then flip a coin.
  12. Hello again guys! If your interested in my background info, here it is:

    I live in Norway, and one of the online stores in my country has an offer of the two disks I mentioned. Both are priced at 700 NOK on sale, wich is about 120 dollars. The other disks you guys are mentioning, like crusial m4 is about 140 dollars for a 128 GB, and according to the specifications, it should be an overall slower drive then both of those on sale. The samsung 830 is 150 dollars. Also, I am currently a student with a somewhat tight economy, and I am allready spending about 1000 dollars on a new stationary setup, so as you guys understand, I need to cut prices wherever I can. If I can save 30 dollars without notice it too much, I have to do it. Same goes for the rest of the parts in my new build as well.

    However, all the information and opinions you guys have on this products is amazing, and I take it with me when I'm buying next, or upgrading anything, so it's not annoying, nor a waste of anyones time ;)

  13. The Kingston is a nice value go for it!
  14. On Agility 4 - The performance you are seeing is manuf "BS" (Being Blunt, and this is not limited to OCZ).
    Without a real time compression engine, the Agility 4 is considerably slower than its counterpart equipped with synchronous NAND. It's clear OCZ is using its clever performance mode to hide a lot of the limitations of using asynchronous NAND. As you fill the drive the Agility 4's peak write performance drops considerably.
    End Quote: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6143/ocz-agility-4-256gb-review/9

    Do Not get me wrong, Compared to a HDD, the Agility 4 is considerably faster than a HDD.

    For HypeX
    Quote: "Both the HyperX and HyperX 3K use Intel synchronous flash, the good stuff we like to see, which offers higher performance than asynchronous flash that is often used in competitor's "tier 2" SSDs.
    End Quote.

    If choice is between Asyncronous NAND (Agility) and Synchronous NAND (Kingston HyperX) and same price And NOT a Lot of user complaints, ALWAYS go for the Synchronous Version

    Bottom Line between the two Kingston HyperX WINs
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