Upgrading from Gateway FX6800

I've seen quite a few articles here concerning the BIOS adjustments in Gateway FX6800 PC - which you can't adjust at all, providing no OC options even with the latest BIOS update.

Reading through some more articles and finding relevant information on the net I was able to find that the TBGM01 motherboard (The manufacturer's motherboard that comes with Gateway FX6800) was flawed.

So I'm thinking about getting a new motherboard and upgrading parts that could fit the Gateway FX6800 case and be compatible with hardwares already in the system.

The thing is, I'm a beginner in this hardware thing at best so I was looking for some advice and feedbacks from those who have already undergone the similar process with the FX6800.

Here's my current specification.

Model - Gateway FX6800-09

TBGM01 X58 Chipset Motherboard
750W Delta PSU
Intel Core i7 920 2.67 GHz
6.00 GB RAM (DDR3 PC3-10700H)
Radeon HD 5970

and for more detailed information - http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/gateway-fx-6800-09/1707-3118_7-33529097.html

I want to get a 1) new motherboard 2) new main cooler, and I am also thinking of getting 3) a new RAM.

For the Motherboard, I've read other article on tomshardware that Asus Rampage II Gene is a good micro-atx motherboard that can fit in the FX6800 case, work with i7 and is good for overclocking.
I'm just worried if I would be able to get the old one out and change it to the new one without too much trouble. It looked like a real hassle with all those threatening cables.

For a new cooler, I have no clue. Since I'd like to OC my cpu I'm guessing that I would be needing a decent enough cooler, but I'm not even sure what kind of size I'm supposed to get (120mm? I know its bigger than a 80mm fan)

For a new RAM, I'm stumped. PC3 ram over 12800 seems vaguelly way better than what I currently have but I'm not sure if it really is necessary.

And lastly, when I do upgrade the motherboard, I'm guessing I would need to install the OS again. I have a Windows 7 Home premium DVD, and is currently genuine activated on my system. I know I can reinstall the windows again and again no problem in the same computer, but if I change the motherboard would windows 7 recognize it as a new system and ask for a new license?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. are u sure the 5970 will fit in ur case?
  2. If you change the mobo the OS won't work anymore. This is a long thread about that system, mainly about BIOS upgrades but not only:
  3. Just because the system will not OC is a rather strange excuse to destroy a factory system that is otherwise running ok....; at the high resolutions the 5970 is capable of gaming at, the cpu has the least impact, inless you are gaming at 1280x1024 or below. If gaming at 1080P, and you think a new case, new MB with bios allowing OC , and memory with 'higher numbers' combined to increase your gaming frames/sec from 55 to 57 fps at a cost of some $700 is worth it......well, then proceed as planned.
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