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I purchased a used Intel core duo quad Q6600 to replace a E2220 dual core in a HP a6807c tower. PC has a IPIBL-LB mobo and HP support states this CPU is supported. Once installed I got BSOD intermitantly. I tried swapping out PSU so that is good. I tried HP support with their ideas, no good. I cleared CMOS, ran stress tests on CPU and RAM and they all passed. Original OS on PC was Vista 64 which was upgraded to Windows 7 64 while old CPU was installed about 8 months ago. Tried repair install with Windows 7 upgrade disk and I got BSOD or PC froze at about same time (5 minutes into install). When I put old CPU back in PC seemed to work fine. Already tried updating BIOS. No good. Do you think I have to do a clean install or is the CPU bad. I'm just about out of options other than exchanging CPU and hoping for the best.
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  1. are you sure you got the proper cpu revision? the G0 is the 95watt version, all others are 105watts
  2. Has anyone noticed an inordinate of BSOD involving the Q6600. Mine seems to get a BSOD in three differtent PC's all on Windows 7. I assume the CPU is bad. Error # 0x00000124. Any other ideas or should I just go for new CPU. Thanks
  3. first time im hearing of this, unlikely the cpu, maybe u need to reinstall the OS or something
  4. Its the SLACR 95 Watts. I also put it in an Asus P5QL/EPU and got same BSOD. Would the GO revision make it incompatible in 2 mobo'S
  5. I also just checked Asus support and it states both are supported
  6. You think W7 is causing the problem. I can try to contact MS but have not seen any other problems related to windows 7. Also one PC was 32 bit and one 64 but same BSOD. It runs for a while on each but same thing happens and CPU is not over 40C*
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  8. What does that mean. I have to look under q6600 for more suggestions?
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    it happens on 2 diff pcs, well then test another chip, if the other chip causes no probs then u know whaty the a prob is
  10. Thats what I'm doing. Seller is sending a new one. Thanks for your help, hope the new one works
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