3 TB hard drive wont work..... help

My 3 TB hard drive has just stopped working all of a sudden. i have tried un-installing it and re-installing it and i restored my computer back to the day before thinking that might be the problem, but no such luck. It shows up as a device but i can not access it... what do i do?
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  1. Does it show up in disk management? If so, how is it listed - raw, unallocated,...? You can try partition recovery software to see if you can repair the drive.

  2. no when i click on computer to view my drived it doesent show up but when i hover over my connected devices it shows up but only as a device
  3. I said in disk management. Right-click "my computer/computer" and select "manage". In the left pane, select "disk management". Also, what OS are you using?
  4. jeez, what kind of drive? 3tb drives arent even that old
  5. no it does not show up in my disk management at all iv checked twice
  6. im running windows 7 and its a portable hard drive (forgot to mention that)
  7. If it doesn't appear in disk management, there probably isn't much you can do. If the drive is still under warranty then RMA it. Since it's an external drive you might want to try a different USB or ESATA cable dpending on what kind of external you have. If it has both interfaces, try using the other interface.
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