Intel GMA with 1274 MB memory

is this any good?
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  1. Intel GMA is no good for gaming.
  2. yep, Rolli is ryt. All Intel GMA's and all other INTEGRATED videocards SUCK at gaming. let me know wat ur specs are and we'll help u choose a good videocard
  3. Intel GMA is a chip on your motherboard (rather then a dedicated graphics card) and is designed for MS office and basic video playback.

    if you are looking to game, i suggest you read this article,2646.html
  4. yeah, Ct1615 link is good but please tell us wat do u plan to do with ur new videocard?
    if its gaming(most likely LOL), then tell us wat u plan to play...also please mention ur ENTIRE computer's components including processor(Intel Pentium, core 2 duo, athlon etc.), RAM and also ur MONITOR's width, so that we can determine which card is really right for you if u need to upgrade sumthing else

    If u don't know how to tell your PC's components go

    Start==>Run==>type 'Dxdiag' then hit ENTER and then hit NO on the certificate error thingy then click on 'Save all Information' then open the file then copy all the contents and paste it here.

    The instructions shud be pretty similar to Vista and Windows 7, just click on Start menu then type 'Dxdiag' in the search bar and hit enter
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