Maximum resolution with new videocard

hello, i have a problem with my new videocard. (HD5750)
the maximum resolution i can choose (in windows and in games) is 1280x960.

my monitor should support up to 1600x1200, and on my old videocard (HD4850)
i could choose this resolution in windows and in games.

i still use this same monitor, and i have installed the latest drivers.

what can be the problem?

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  1. You have the monitor driver installed and it is recognized correctly in device manager or display properties?
  2. i never had to install monitor drivers before. (been using this monitor for several years now).

    and i checked the control panel, and the monitor is recognized by windows. (plug and play monitor).

    i just deleted the drivers, used driver sweeper to get rid of any left over files, and installed the newest drivers yet again.

    and still this problem persists.

    i have no idea what to do now.
  3. You have to install the monitor drivers to get the full resolution of the monitor since the system is not detecting it correctly.
  4. first of all, there are no drivers for my monitor. i checked their website "proview"

    second of all, my old videocard seemed to detect this fine without needing drivers.
    and i hear the information about supported resolutions should be in the firmware for my monitor.

    also i miss a lot of lower resolutions like the 1152x

    its strange, because i can pick 1024x and 1280x, but not 1152x.
  5. sorry i forgot to mention this, my monitor is an crt
  6. They have exactly the same instructions for CRT's
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