I have this cable it has a plug like for a printer/ pariphel and outof the plug comes 6 more cables that will all hook to a second tower, mouse,keyboard,monitor, and a I/O plus a stereo and a mono plug. is to enable my pc to be the mothership to set up or network a second tower
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  1. what u exactly wanna do?
  2. people are always bringing me there problems and say I need to search for a driver would it not be easyier to just hook cables to there tower and controll it from my tower? espechely for modem drivers I just self tought and sometimes I even wonder about that lol
  3. Again the same mess what exactly u wanna do
  4. Sounds like you have a KVM switch/peripheral. Can you post a picture of it so we can see?

    A KVM would come in handy to easily hook up another computer without having to undo your own computer. I have used them quite abit.
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