New SSD, Benchmarks ok or not?

Hi I just got a OCZ Vertex4 128GB SSD, and wanted to check with you guys whether these benchmarks are ok or if I have something that needs to be tweaked for optimum performance:

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  1. We share disturbingly similar hardware, even down to how full the SSD is...

    Running Crystal DiskMark on my Vertex 4 128GB, will post the results.
    But from what i can see so far (seq read and writes), it is much faster than yours.

    Have you updated to the latest Firmware? Are you on a SATAIII connection?
  2. not. im guessing you are running in ide mode and not ahci

  3. Getting much faster speeds than you, something is definitely off with your drive or setup around it.
  4. These speeds look about right for a Sata 2 controller. If its an old sata 2 board then your done. If its a newer sata 3 board make sure you have the ssd plugged into the correct port. Then check to see if AHCI is enabled in the bios.

    If it is not remeber you have to adjust the windows registry before you enable it.
  5. I have the Asus P6te motherboard, as far as I know it is Sata 2.
  6. ah sata 2. then yes, thats normal.

    edit: quick google search says p6t is sata 3. the red ports. i dont know about p6te though
  7. If thats the socket 1366 x58 board that I think it is then it is sata3. Make sure the ssd is plugged into on of the upper red sata ports.

    Then check the bios to see if the sata controller is set to AHCI, but dont turn it on yet if it is set to IDE or compatibility.

    Is this the board?
  8. Sata controller set to AHCI. Motherboard name P6T SE, my mistake before sorry.

    This one:
  9. ah, ya. that board only supports sata 2. too bad. its a real nice ssd you arent going to get to use to its potential
  10. Too bad, does it make a big difference in everyday use?

    Also would I be able to reuse this SSD on a Macbook pro by any chance?
  11. had you said any laptop other than i mac i could have instantly answered yes. macs... yeesh.

    yes it makes a big difference in situations like loading games and whatnot.
  12. So you mean it cannot work on a Mac? Does it take some special SSD or?

    At least I got a performance boost over my previous standard drive anyway.
  13. im saying i dont know because macs are known to be picky about what hardware you can put in them. it could very well work, i really just dont know

    and yes, you should still be happy with the performance on sata 2
  14. Even at those speeds your SSD is more than twice as fast as any traditional mechanical drive. Your windows boot time and games loading is probablly half of what it was.
  15. thats just sequential speed too. dont forget access times and iops
  16. Yep that sure is what I am observing, super fast speeds, thanks guys.
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