PSU for i7 980x OC + GTX 480 SLI?

I am planning a system with an i7 980x which ill be OC'ing to 4.0GHz+ and will be also running dual GTX 480's and dual SSD's in RAID-0. I was considering getting the Corsair 950W PSU for this rig. Is that enough power? I know of people running dual 5870s on a 750w and dual 480's on an 850 but with the 980x CPU im not sure if a 950 will be enough.


Here is the link to the PSU:
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  1. yep that psu can handle it
  2. You'll be fine with 950w, but I wouldn't go lower than 900w. Factor 250w for each GPU, and 150w for the CPU. That leaves you with 300w for all your other components. Good luck on the overclock for the setup, I'm more than a little bit jealous :)
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