GTX 260 fit on my mobo

I was wondering if a GTX 260 would fit on a Gigabyte MA785GMT-UD2H motherboard.

I think it will cover up all my SATA ports. Could I get the 90 degree connectors so I could have it fit my mobo?

If it won't I might go with a Sapphire 5770 and leave Physx behind :cry:

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  1. Yes. It should fit as long as your case can fit 10.5 inch cards.

    And why would you get a GTX260 over a 5770? 5770 is newer tech, runs much cooler, uses much less energy, only needs 1 power connector, and supports dx11 and eyefinity. Only very few games use physX anyways.

    If you have windows 7 and you really want physX, get the 5770 and a cheap Nvidia 8x00 or 9x00 card so you can run both ATI and Nvidia drivers (older Nvidia driver crack).
  2. I have a 9800GT and it kinda doesn't pull its weight and I have heard that a 5770 drivers are buggy at the moment so that makes me what to keep a safe distance for now.
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