Help connecting HHD + other small problems (VIDEO)

CPU fan reached 6krpm and is real loud. problem? can i turn it down? 3k rpm was more or less quiet.

the cpu temp - 49c
system temp - 36c
(this is while viewing the bios)

i think the hdd isn't getting power (only connected SATA cable), but not sure which cable i need to hook it up and where to hook it up to.

Any idea what the extension cable for the cpu power is called?

If you spot anything else bad, let me know.


I really want to get this working. I input my windows 7 and all it needs is a hard disk to be found for installation (i hope).
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  1. SATA Hard Drives require 2 plugs:

    1.) 7 pin plug, from mobo to drive.
    2.) 15 pin plug, from PSU to drive.

    The 15 pin plug from the PSU is black and thin, but long(ish).
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    From your Video I can tell you that you donot have power going to your SATA drive. Look on the cables you have for the power for a plug that looks like a SATA data plug but about 3 times as wide. That plugs in to the hard drive just to the left of the SATA data cable you have plugged in to the drive.

    Also I notice that the CD/DVD drive is not seen in the BIOS. On the back of the CD/DVD drive you will see a jumper . It has 3 positions Master/ Slave/ Cable select, Set to master and make sure the IDE cable is plugged in with the red stripe near the PIN 1( It should be marked in the case of the CD/DVD drive near the rear, or on the sticker with the part number) and make sure the IDE red stripe in pin 1 on the motherboard IDE connector also

    As for the extra 8 pin cable comming off the PSU is for the CPU power for motherboards with a 8 pin connector (your motherboard had a 4 pin) It is not needed for your board.

    Once both the CD/DVD and harddrive are seen in the BIOS set the CD/DVD as first boot device and the Hard drive as second.
  3. Sweet. Found the right cable and works good now. The cd/dvd wasn't found cause the IDE cable came loose a bit, but once I figured that out, Windows installed smoothly.

    Couple more questions:
    What do I connect to the "System Fan" port on the mobo? The giant fan attached to my side? Or somehow I hook them all up? Bios says 0rpm sysfan (because its not plugged into mobo.

    The bios shows the processor going at 6k+ rpm with the cpu temp of 39c... excessive? Any way to slow it down/is it a defect/what temp should cpu be?
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  5. Quote:
    What do I connect to the "System Fan" port on the mobo? The giant fan attached to my side? Or somehow I hook them all up? Bios says 0rpm sysfan

    You could, be it's not neccesary, if it's running off of molex connectors (big white 4-pin plugs). Can you disable it?

    One connector, one fan. Else the mobo will strain and overheat do to the power pull of more than one fan.
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