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I am hrere looking at my case and looking at prices of new cases. I am hopefully going to build a new computer slowly. I already have the graphics card and power supply. When I get my new motherboard, I would usually get a case.
Then I thought, "Why pay $100 for a case when I can make my own... out of legos?"
I could use this old case and cut out the base and any crucial parts, then build around it.
I know there would be a cooling problem, but I could just build holes for fans.

The 2 questions are:

1. Is there anything wrong with a case made out of legos?

2. Is the amount of fans that I can use dependent on the motherboard?
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    neat idea. i have a box of legos or two...
    well, as long as it is sturdy (id glue the pieces together) it should be ok. put in a cpu cooler, and save room for a front/bottom fan and a rear/top fan, and maybe a side fan. they are not dependant on the mobo. go for it!

    and please, send a pic when ur done!
  2. I will just glue together sections of it b/c I would need to be able to get inside and maybe make more room if I were to upgrade.
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  4. Also make sure you don't melt the legos haha
  5. Well I wouldn't make to many holes as it would ruin the entire design.

    Here's my plan

    In the front use lego mesh as fan covers(if you know what I mean the ventilated square parts if you have those). Or lego nets or you can try doing the same as this guy. I just wouldn't make plain holes as it looks ugly.,r:4,s:0

    I'd get 2-3 high speed 120mm fans for the front. None for the top and none for the back. Silverstone penetrators are very good fans for this purpose.

    Then the back I'd just leave the standard back you have from your old case.

    I'd get a corsair h50/h70 as cpu cooler and mount the radiator on the outside so it doesn't sit in the hot case.

    I'd definately get an external exhaust GPU otherwise you've got a problem.

    And for the rest Good luck and as mentioned before post pics ;)
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