Mixing RDRAM 1G (2*512) memory kit with 512 M (2*256) for a Dimension

I have a 2.53G 533Mhz bus Dell Dimention 8250 which came with PC-800 ECC RDRAM (2x256). It has 2 vacant slots and I am wondering if I can add 1G (2x512) for it to give me 1.5G of total memory. Dont want to a new comp just add some memory so this will work faster.
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  1. according to this site it uses Non-ECC RAM


    as long you use the same speed memory (PC-800) it also should match the Nano Seconds it seem they are either 40 ns or 45 ns.


  2. So as I understand its ok to match 512MB(2*256) PC800 ECC 40ns can be be matched with 1G (1*512) PC800 ECC 40ns?
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