No post when booting up?

Hey everyone. Two questions here about my new build (courtesy of MA),

First, when i boot up the system there is no post at all, all the fans are running (case fans, stock cooler on the processor, and the gpu's fan), as are the lights on the case. The system is also incredibly quiet. When I unplug my gpu (xfx 5870), all of the fans increase speed and the entire system gets much louder. Im starting to think the problem lies in the gpu, psu, or the motherboard. But my gut tells me its the motherboard.

My second question is will a system boot up with ripjaw ram (designed for intel systems) on my AMD motherboard? Im aware that this is probably in the wrong forum, but the people who gave me this build are here so maybe they may know more about it than other people.

Thank you all!
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  1. Have you tried this sticky?
    Should be easy with this to locate the issue...
  2. Yes I looked at that sticky. The only thing on there I may have forgotten is I forgot to put two spacers in, but would that really be a problem?
  3. Spacers ? you mean standoffs ?? And Yes even that could be a problem as the mobo might be in contact with the case which will result in shorting and thus preventing the PC from booting...
  4. Ill try that out. If that doesnt work could I assume its a DOA in the motherboard department? Also, would that affect the power supply going from the psu to the rest of the componets? Since I really doubt a single 5870 could suck all the power from a 750w supply.
  5. Well... The problem has been solved, my motherboard didnt have on board audio, so I went and got a simple system. One beep. So apparently it was the RAM, making the fans run quiet to conserve power. Now all I need is compatible RAM to just get a boot then adjust the BIOS. So simple!
  6. ^ Ohh...
    Do let us know if that was the issue...
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