Scorpio black or ssd?

recently a clients drive failed so i decided to just sell him my HDD so i can get an upgrade. my previous drive was a 320gb scorpio blue. i have had a lot of luck with WD drives in the past. not sure if i have ever used a seagate, think i put one in my macbook years ago. i wouldnt touch a toshiba drive with a 10 foot poll.

thinking about a scorpio black [not sure of size, probably between 320 and 500gb], i could probably manage with a 120gb ssd, space would be a slight issue though and they are about $15-$20 more than i want to spend right now, i might do it anyway and pick up another drive in the future and swap the ssd into my gaming rig.

ssd companies i trust are samsung, sandisk and crucial. sandisk is the most budget friendly, followed by samsung, followed by crucial. i had a crucial m4 before but i had an opportunity to get a gtx 670 so i sold it. i really miss being spoiled by an ssd
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  1. max price for a mechanical is $70, max for an ssd is $90
  2. hi there,

    My preference would be the Samsung 830 256GB, or 128GB, wouldn't think about it more than a second! They are stable, thinner than average, no firmware upgrades since last January. And as you know really fast.

    The avg read/write sequential speeds for this SSD are 520MB/s and 413MB/s.
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