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i am currently checking to upgrade (make that buy an entirely new) pc.

I just got back to checking computer parts since a few years and im not quite sure if my choices makes sense.

i plan to OC the pc a lot, and will buy an akasa nero S for my cpu.

here is my current build, all prices are canadian $

please comment and suggest what should be changed

and lastly, how much an improvement will i see over my 3.2ghz E6600 with a single 4870
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  1. Those prices are very high - compared to newegg... everything is about $10-$20 more. could save over 100 bucks buying from newegg...

    Check out logicbuy.com for monitor. I saw that same one on there last week for $160
  2. Thanks for the info i went to newegg and found out that:

    the hard drives were more expensive on newegg by 5$ each,
    the case is 10$ cheaper.
    the video cards are 25$ more expensive each on newegg
    the psu is the exact same price
    the motherboard is 10$ cheaper on newegg
    the processor is 5$ cheaper on newegg but out of stock and not guaranteed d0 stepping (although they are all d0 recently iirc)

    i found ocz gold 1600 ram at 8-8-8-24for 150$ on my regular site, which cut the price down a lot.

    also note i get free shipping (the site is in canada, as i am) and only pay 5% taxes since its in another province.

    i would risk customs and shipping from the US.

    also i might skip on the monitor, since i have found an old crt i could use with my current pc.

    but what i wanted to more was as far as my picking of the equipment goes, is it good or should i aim for diff brands or models.

    thanks again!
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