Swithching from dual boot to single boot. And switching from raid to ahci.

I bought a computer that is running dual boot os's. Win 7 on one hdd and win xp on another. I want to get rid of win xp but cannot even though I have changed permissions. I then want to switch from raid to ahci. My final product that i am wanting is to clone my win 7 hdd to a new sdd and runn the two hdd's as slave for storage. Please help. After switching bios to ahci, win will not boot from wither hdd. One gives an error message and the other prompts me to run a repair disk.

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  1. What i am asking for is help in achieveing this. I can give dtailed specs of my system if needed. HEEEEELP..lol
  2. How large is your Win7 partition and the SSD you are going to put it on? If you have a USB drive with enough capacity you can use one of the online guides for using Clonezilla or other drive cloning programs to clone Win7 on to the SSD.
  3. My hdd with Win 7 isnt partioned at all. Its actually bye itself on a hdd. And the ssd coming is 128g, but comes with Norton Ghost.
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