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Help Please
I just started assembling the following system:

Antec 300 Case
i7-875K CPU
Noctua NH-D14 Cooler
8 Gig Ram
HD 5770 (Still waiting for my GTX-460)
Hitachi 1TB HDD
HP bd340 DVD

With just the Ram and CPU installed i get a 5A bios post error, then it continues and the next code is E7 for 3 seconds and finally E6. I assumed the E6 error (Installing drivers) is because nothing else is connected.
Now the problem--- I installed the SATA Data cables and the board will not power up, no fans nothing. I removed the Sata cables, Still no power up. I unplugged the PS for 5 minutes and the MB fired up and stopped at E6 as before. I tried each of the Sata cables, DVD, and HDD separately with same result, no power up. Pulled the cables, let the ps reset, and the MB powers up. And yes I tried a different Sata port with the same results. Does it matter which port I use for HDD?,Do I have a bad board? or am I missing something ?
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  1. Read the no post thread in the sticky for general checklist.
    Read mobo manual to figure out what the error codes mean.

    Specific to this board are:
    1. Make sure correct RAM slots are used, check the mobo manual. If wrong slots are used, will not POST.
    2. Older BIOS will not boot with 8gb of RAM installed. Have to boot with 1 stick and upgrade BIOS sequentially.
    3. Issues booting into 64 bit OS until BIOS updated.

    For future reference, you're more likely to get help if you post links to the components. People don't know what a is DP55kg off the top of their heads, and are therefor more likely to just not bother helping you.
  2. Just finished a pc build with this MB (DP55KG). I had a problem where the board
    would not power up at all.
    I solved this by clearing the CMOS. A jumper block setting of pins 2 & 3 will clear
    the CMOS. I was able to power up with this setting.
    After the successful power up with the 2 & 3 setting, I later set the jumper block to its normal setting, i.e., pins 1 & 2.
    You have to completely shut the system down, and remove any power to the board, either by the external switch on the power supply, or by pulling the power cord from the power supply. You have to do this each and every time you change the pin settings on the jumper block.
    This info is all documented in the DP55KG Technical Product Specification starting on pg 53.
    This board is smart enough to recognize changes in any of the physical configuration on the board which may require you to clear the CMOS.
    After getting my pc running, I later had to uninstall/reinstall the processor fan/heat-sink, which required me to have to clear the CMOS to allow me to power the board back up.
    Good luck.
    Bob V...
  3. Plz don't thread necro in the future...
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