Overheating and restartin of my pc

i bought a pc 2 months back and m having some major problems which are increasing day by day

my pc confrigation are
core i7 930
1 gb ati radeoon 5770 ddr5 graphic card
4 gb ddr3 ram
500w stock psu
1 tb hdd

during fst month my pc restarts after an hour or two while i play games

technician advised me to change my cabinet so i changed and then there were no problems

bt from last 2 weeks m having some unpredictable problems , it shutdowns or restarts in unpredictable time whether 2 mins , 1 hour , 4 hour or none..

sometimes it shows msg " ur pc is overheating due to thermal event "

sometimes nothin ,it jus shutdowns...

main problems is that overheatin is caused when pc works for 5-6 hours bt sometimes my pc restarts in 2 mins and then also it shows this msg

how is it possible tht without any load or work it overheat

i asked technician he said somethin is wrong with graphic card

i dont think so

coz without any load it restars

plzzz help me regardin this issue

coz its my new expensive pc and i dont want it to b lyk tht
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    As your warning message says 'due to thermal event',
    First thing I'd do is check its clean inside, I know its not an old unit, but depending on where it lives it may be a dust haven, best to make sure your not clogged up already hehe,
    secondly, how many fans are in there? might need more fitted
    and it may also be an issue that the heatsink on the psu is causing,
    give us some feedback, and pictures of the unit if possible please.

  2. 3 fans are there............
    bt its brand new

    is it possible tht heatsink may cause ths
  3. yes, its totally possible, as its a new pc though I would contact the vendor rather than do anything yourself, so as not to void any warranty you may have
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  5. thanx buddy for the help

    m goin to the vendor now
  6. good luck, and thank you for B.A.
  7. as u said i contacted my vendur
    \and he said problem is with my gpu so he removed my gpu and placed 256 mb nvidia gpu for test

    and after tht my cpu temp is constant from 40 to 50

    and now no restarts , overheats happenin

    so is the prob with gpu?
  8. If the problem does lie with the graphics card its still their duty to resolve the issue, (assuming it was fitted as part of the original sale and not put in by you afterwards)

    you bought what you expected to be a fully functioning system from a reputable? vendor,
    great job so far in that they've identified (hopefully) the issue,
    time to carry the good service on by making sure your rig works as it should, I'm not sure what your region has as consumer protection, but in the uk we have laws to try and protect you in circumstances like this,
    let me know how you get on man.
  9. ya he is sayin to replace my graphic card

    well thanx buddy

    i tot it might b some minor problem in my system bt it was major
  10. hope it gets sorted ok for you man, fingers X'd for ye.
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