How to connect 2 routers outside through modem

Hello, everyone

I have 2 identical sites with a server, 4 workstations, a switch and a cisco 2611xt.

normally I connect the 2 routers through fiber optical modems on a serial port. but now I have to connect through a direct phone line because I now have 300 km between sites as to the useally 500 m

what would be the best way to do that ?

I have 2 adsl modems with lan port
and 2 modems with DB-25 RS-232 port

Have anyone done something like this ?
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  1. ufffffffff........... what is it u have one line coming telephone line ......... i assume

    phonline--->spliter----->modem(router)------>can use switch in b/w--------->Rj45----->PC
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