Final Build - Please rate before I buy ($860)

Alright, after a couple posts, and a lot of research, this is what I've come up with for my build -- I had a $850 budget, so I'm slightly over (although if there's something that I can cut back on to be under, that would be great too!) I'm going with the static wrist strap because it's $4 and will help my rampant paranoia about all things static-y.



Thermal Compound






I'm using it mainly for games like starcraft 2, diablo 3, WoW, Civ 4. I will be buying new games, so I want something that will be able to handle things down the road a bit. I'm also doing music recording, so quiet is good.

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  1. Oh, I should mention -- I do want to SLI eventually (does my mobo handle that?)
  2. Dude you are cheaping out on that motherboard :) go less on the graphics and get a better motherboard gtx460 aint gonna be quiet ;) go with this motherboard, its the new chipset and will last much longer I would go with an ATi card too they are cheaper, less noise, less heat. Maybe a 5830? SLI is great and stuff and i'm going to get flamed but.. oh well more expensive but oh well srry
  3. Wait, what about your CPU cooler... 0_o
  4. Well, I wasn't planning on a cpu cooler right now, as I'm not going to overclock or pick up the 2nd 460 until later. Cost is really a concern, so I don't want to go too high over the 850 mark. Will Mr. P's mobo work with SLI and the 460?
  5. If going AMD you are limited to a few motherboards for SLI
    This one at $139.99 is the best available I think

    You wont get SATA/USB III with any of the SLI boards, but that is no big issue for gaming

    An alternative is certainly to go with ATI GPUs, but personally I would not grab anything less than a 5850 (unless you were planning on 2 x 5770s). I certainly would not go 5830, that card was pointless before the GTX 460s, now they really are redundant cards
  6. i will post a build as soon as i can
  7. why would you go with your case over the one I found?
  8. because it's higher quality and cheaper
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