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Hi, I'm building my first computer, and I've just come across the part where I put everything on the motherboard. So to install ram, depending on your motherboard, theres like 4-6 memory slots each with different colors aligning with the next one, so white blue white blue white blue etc

I've bought 3 4gb ram sticks, and my motherboard only has 4 slots going white blue white blue, and I heard that you can't just randomly put 2 memory sticks in blue and 1 in white as that would not work, they all have to be of the same color, is that true? If so, am I stuck with 8 gb ram?
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  1. For dual-channel operation, you should use this arrangement:
    Slot 1 (closest to CPU): Empty
    Slot 2: RAM
    Slot 3: Empty
    Slot 4: RAM

    You might be able to get the system to run with the RAM in slots 1-2-4, but it won't run in dual-channel.

    If it was me, I'd put two sticks in slots 2-4 and sell the third stick. Or return the whole kit for refund and get an 8GB dual-channel kit. If you really need 12GB, buy one 2x4GB kit and one 2x2GB kit so it'll all run in dual-channel.
  2. Ah damn, thanks a lot! I'm just using this for gaming purposes only and I'm guessing 8 gb ram is the standard lot?

    I guess we all make mistakes in the beginning:p Also on the motherboard specifications, where does it say how many of the same slots it has? like white blue white blue, what are those called? DD3 or something?
  3. Yeah, 8GB is a good amount for present and future gaming. Plus, it'll be nice and smooth for regular multi-tasking.

    The specs should say 4x DDR3 RAM slots or something like that.
  4. Btw whats dual channel operation? Is there no way I can stick 2 on the white and one on the blue?
  5. Dual-channel is the fastest method that board can use to access the memory. As I said in my first post, you might be able to get all three sticks to work in slots 1-2-4, but the system will likely be faster if you just use two sticks in slots 2-4.
  6. Oh I see, okay thanks a lot!
  7. Also, Refer to your motherboards manufacturer instructions.
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