Do you think gpu in sandy bride supports anti-aliasing?

since all intel gma never supports anti-aliasing
but i read something i'm not sure if directx 10 or 11
forced 4x anti-aliasing.
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  1. Quote:
    AA is a luxury eyecandy in gaming.It reduces way to much performance as compared to eyecandy it provides.Even if it supports ,i donot think anyone would bother enabling it.

    I always have AA enabled, sometimes x4 sometimes x8 depending on the game and the framerate hit. Same goes for AF.
  2. But you're not running an IGP.
  3. randomizer said:
    But you're not running an IGP.

    True, but that doesn't mean that no one is going to use 2x AA or perhaps even 4x. Whether the IGP can handle it or not that's a different matter but I'm sure that there are some folk out there that will bother enabling it.
  4. I understood his post to mean that even if the Intel IGP supports AA that nobody would use it, not that nobody would use AA in general.
  5. Re-reading it you could be right, it's been a long day for me as I've been up since the wee small hours.
  6. Quote:
    That is exactly what i meant even if intel IGP supports AA no would bother enabling it.Seems like Mousemonkey needs some serious break from his laptop

    I'm on a desktop today. :kaola:
  7. It will have DX10.1 support, and so it will have its abilities, tho some dont feel its important at all
  8. DX 10.1's goals are to offer the "complete" DX 10, giving developers better control over image quality and making mandatory some of the things that are optional in DX 10. For example, 32-bit floating point filtering is optional in DX10 (16-bit FP filtering is mandatory), but will be mandatory in DX 10.1. Also, in DX 10, the number of multisample anti-aliasing samples is optional—DX 10.1 will make 4x AA mandatory, and require two specific sample patterns. Graphics cards can offer more sample patterns, and developers can query them in their shaders. Graphics cards that are DX 10.1 compliant will have to offer programmable shader output sample masks and multisample AA depth readback.,1558,2168429,00.asp?kc=ETRSS02129TX1K0000532
  9. So far, the only testing done doesnt show one way or another whether it has these options, other than what I posted above.
    Guess we will have to wait a bit longer to know for sure
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