I am in desperate need for some help. I am having MAJOR problems with my PC.

About 2 weeks ago i installed the new Vid card XFX ATI4850 and thats when the problems slowly began. But i cant see that being the problem, because I was just replacing a XFX ATI4850 no HDMI with one that had and HDMI output. Whats been happening is its been taking longer and longer to boot up and tonight was the worst. First it hangs at the Asus mobo screen (where if you hit tab it does this and if you hit delete it does something else) it will hang here for about 90 seconds, then it flips to the "starting windows" screen and then it just hangs there and doesnt move forward???? it used to hang there for a while but now it wont move past that. Also i have an external hard drive that is attached and it makes a beeping noise when ever i turn the PC on???? oh and the temp of my cpu is about 8 degrees hotter then usual 45.5 Celsius, I am not overclocking everything on my pc is stock. Please help this is my baby i need her!!!! What is wrong
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  1. Does it boot with the external drive unplugged? If the drive is dying, it will cause delays when booting because its trying to find the drive. Try unplugging it and seeing if it will boot then.
  2. I tried that but still getting the delays
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