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Hi all,

I am buildin my first computer and am seeking some avice on a problem I am having. I have a seagate 2tb hard drive that is not being recognised by windows 7. It is showing up on the bios but is not showing up in my computer in windows. I am using an Asrock z77 extreme 6 motherboard. I am a novice so please help and keep it simple. Any help at all would be much appreciated.


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  1. O sorry...

    Computer spec...

    Intel i7 3770k processor

    MB ASRock INT S1155 Z77 EXTREME6 Intel Z77

    CORSAIR DDR3 1600MHz 16GB Kit

    Corsair CASE Graphite 600T Mid-Tower White

    Seagate HI 3.5\" 2TB Barracuda 7200RPM Barracuda

    OCZ HI 2.5\" SSD Vertex 3 Series 240GB

    CORSAIR DDR3 1600MHz 16GB Kit

    Corsair TX V2 Series. 850 Watt

    Corsair Hydro Series H100 CPU Cooler
  2. I can look in control panel, devices and printers and it shows up in there too and also says working properly but not showing up in my computer....cant figure this out??
  3. Go to control panel, administrative tools, and computer management.
    Go to Disk management. You should see your SSD on top and then your hard drive below. Right click on the hard drive and create a partition, use the full disk. Format the partitition and you should be able to see it in my computer.
  4. Firstly thanks for the reply and secoundly thanks for your step by step walk through this sorted this for me. Happy days, must seem like childs play to you but confusing to a newbe to windows 7 like me. Cheers: )
  5. You're welcome! And give me a thumbs up with a best reply....
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