Future Proofing challenge


APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: within month and a half or 2 months.

BUDGET RANGE: up to $1370

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Mostly max out gaming at high to very high resolution

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS, case(maybe)

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg, and other recommended sites


PARTS PREFERENCES: Future Proofing parts


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Yes, Now OR in the future

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1680x1050 and higher

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Challenge for you people out there, and also for me to be able to not upgrade for a long time.
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  1. For real future proofing options, wait till Bulldozer comes out in Q1 2011 (long time I know) and Q4 2010 for the Radeon 6000 series.
  2. but will they fit in my 1370 budget lol :P

    Im not sure though, my budget MIGHT increase
  3. What are you considering "Future proof" because its a meaningless term. If you want something that you can upgrade in a year or two to boost performance thats one option, if you want to make a machine that will be getting replace in 4 years and just needs to do well until then thats another option, but saying "Future Proofing parts" is just a meaningless statement.

    Since you will be waiting two months anyway, any parts we suggest now might not be the best choice when you decide to buy, there might be good combos available with different ones, or new parts getting released like the HD 6xxx series which will shake up the whole graphics lineup for what is the best value. Check back a couple weeks before you buy, and dont plan on buying on the first week of the month, all the newegg combos get screwed up, the best deals to be found are about week 3 of each month.
  4. any article on the up coming parts from both intel and AMD?
  5. Also, if I buy the "best" parts for wht my money is worth, how long do you think they would last?
  6. I figure in 4 years even a top end system with a 980X will be on par with a 1k system. The computer itself could go for a decade likely, but you will likely feel the need to replace it in a few years when its getting beaten by lower mainstream parts that cost far less.
  7. What if, I buy my parts now. Would they last me atleast 3 - 4 years?


    What is you're speculation of the new 6xxx series and bulldozer. Do you think they worth the wait?
  8. mmm nobady know if it will least 3 years less or more... it depends of the new technologies relevance or the game requeriments... the people say that the 6xxx will not be a big cahnge but the bulldozer looks like it will.... u can get a cheap cpu and get bulldozer in 2011
  9. i forgot... but for gaming the cpu is not very important....the most important thing and the thing u will need to upgrade is the gpu
  10. alright i was recommended to get i5 750 and a ASUS P7P55D-E Pro

    but i'm deciding to get a i7 870 because of the same price and it got hyper threading

    which would be better for OCing and last longer with a decent price cooler
  11. lol get amd... a lot cheaper and better performance
  12. amd with 460 sli = "totally pwn all them nub with 5870" performance?
  13. dont get amd with nvidia... there is few motherboards who suport that(3 exactly).... if u have the money get the 5970 :)... u got a great video card and its future proof cuase its like 2 5870 and u can get another in the future
  14. Dont go SLI right off the back, give yourself room to upgrade.

    If you want Nvidia then get a GTX 470 and in a year or 2 get another one.

    If you want to be smart get a 5870 or wait till the 6000 Series come out.

    Also you could always get a decent amd chip like the Rana x3 445 ($85) which would be able to max out games if paired with a 5870, then you could just wait until bulldozer comes to see if there is a more powerful chip that catches your eye.
  15. lol get this... (my recomendation)

    AMD PHENOM II X4 965




    G.SKILL 4GB DDR3 1600MHZ PC-12800 CL7 DUAL CHANNEL 7-7-7-24

  16. wouldnt all that cost like way over my budget? :P
  17. idk lol try XD ... u can change cpu for 955, mobo for m4a78t-e and the 5970 with the psu (thogether) for 5970 with xfx 750w
  18. Toss in at least another $1,000 to your budget, then we can talk about "future-proofing".
  19. Phenom II 965 - $180

    XFX Radeon 5870 - $400

    ASUS M4A89GTD PRO, w/ USB3.0 - $150

    Corsair 750TX - $110

    G.SKILL RAM 4GB 1600 MHZ PC-12800 DUAL CHANNEL 7-7-7-24 - $120

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB - $75

    Optical drive - $30

    TOTAL = $1060

    Leaves you $300 to play with a case and other accessories you may need.

    You can also save money by looking for combo deals.

    Of course you need a case
  20. mmm xfx is better than corsair
    sorry idk how to post urls....
  21. Haha thx amk but I already have a case, so I might invest the rest in something else
  22. get that but with a 5970 and a 850w xfx psu and ur done
  23. jaguarskx said:
    Toss in at least another $1,000 to your budget, then we can talk about "future-proofing".

    that why it call a challenge, see how much can you get with 1330-1370 dollars :D
  24. amk you might just be the best answer dude, with that i can get a 5970 and still be in budget. If it really work, you gonna be my first best answer lolz
  25. Best answer
    lol he just put price on my build -.-
  26. well juanchioo, your build is sexyyy imma get a 5970 under 1400 dollars!!! this a breakthrough man prolly the best build everrrrrr
  27. yes :P
    i will ge tthe samee and it is eyefinity ready :D
  28. im prolly gonna get

    abs dark beret series, 850 for 10 - 20 dollar less!!
  29. thats *** XD the xfx is the best psu
  30. Best answer selected by kittehlordz.
  31. back up your fact >:D
  32. Juanchioo said:
    mmm xfx is better than corsair
    sorry idk how to post urls....

    I have seen xfx psus with weak under spec rails.
  33. Where did you see those?

    The XFX line is designed and built by Seasonic and have all done quite well in their reviews at jonnyguru.
  34. the xfx is kinda pricy, so Im getting something of the similar or better spec at same ammount of money or less
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