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I sold my friend my old XPS 710 system which had an E6600, 4gbs of ram, Windows 7 64-bit, and a 8800GTX. He has now replaced the 8800 with a HIS edition ATI 5770, and he wants to get another for crossfire. He asked me if this was possible, but I wasn't sure what to say. The board supports SLI at x8\x8, but I don't know if that means it could run crossfire.

Anyone know if this is possible through ATI drivers or something of that nature?
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  1. That's what I thought was the case. Just didn't want to give him the wrong info. Thanks!
  2. No it wont run crossfire because that chipset/mb only runs in SLI, its not like the newer p55,h55,x58 boards that can impliment and run both Ati and Nvidia cards.

    Plus if he ever bought Nvidia cards and run both identical cards in SLI the x8 x8 config really limits the FULL use of the cards and would hinder the preformance by approx. half sine you wouldnt be using the full 32 lanes. You might as well buy a dual gpu card on a single slot ike the 9800gx2 (still well worth it, but hard to find) or a 5970, if he has extra cash!
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