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Upgrading my processor.

My Gateway pc currently has a phnem ii x4 820 2.8 ghz. This is my motherboard

Im looking for a cpu phenom ii x4 with atleast 6g catch and 3.0 ghz speed. Any suggestions on what will fit or atleast how I can tell?
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  1. That upgrade would be pointless even if it was possible which I don't think it is.

    What problems are you having with your current setup? If your gaming performance is lacking you might need a GPU upgrade.
  2. i already decided to upgrade my gpu from a hd 5450 to a gtx 460. why would it be pointless?
  3. dankdk said:
    i already decided to upgrade my gpu from a hd 5450 to a gtx 460. why would it be pointless?

    You made the right move with the on!
  4. asus x48 said:
    You made the right move with the on!

  5. The GPU is where you were lacking not the processor. Also how much RAM do you have 4 gigs is the sweet spot for gaming and just about anything else.
  6. 6 gb ddr2.. Thanks for the replies.. When I decide to upgrade my processor what are my options? thanks again
  7. Do I have to go by the voltage of my motherboard? its 95 watt. How can I tell what phenom iix4 will fit.. Thanks
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    You have no options besides the Phenom II 945 or something like that. Your Motherboard is limited to a 95 watt processor and there are not to many options for anything stronger then what you already have. When it is time for you to upgrade you will have to replace motherboard and most likely RAM to when your ready but, you should not need a new processor for atleast a year or two. The best components you can upgrade to get some real performance is the GPU which you already are upgrading and the hard drives is a great place to get some added performance. A SSD drive can cut program loading times down to nothing.
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  10. ok thank you
  11. it is possible to change the motherboard in a factory pc tho? last question sorry
  12. It depends some cases the holes for the motherboard mounts won't line up and also the back plate is sometimes cut into the case instead of having interchangeable ones but, that was how it used to be. Most manufacturers have adopted the ATX layout so you shouldn't have to much trouble changing boards if you want to later on. Cases are not that expensive so if it don't fit, for $50 you get a new case and you can reuse a lot of stuff from the factory computer. When you do switch motherboards you will also need a new copy of windows since the copy that comes with most prebuilt systems will only work with the motherboard is was installed on originally.
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