Amd x4 970 OR intel i5 760?

Still trying to decide between the AMD 970 or the i5 760..
leaning towards AMD at the moment as it's clocked higher at 3.5Ghz. still not sure though!
will be paired with a GTX460, for gaming (not too heavy..) and photoshop use.

Any opinions on what i should go for?
Thanks :)
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  1. The good thing about AMD is its socket, they don't change, upgrade is easy with just the proper bios update then your set and also much cheaper than intel if your on a tight budget. But Corei5 is a bit near the performance of AMD Phenom X6 1090T and way better than AMD 970. Check this site for cpu performance benchmark as reference.
  2. Here's a direct comparison for ya
  3. core i5 760 is more better than amd 970 in gaming.and you can easily overclock it to 3ghz and this clock is enought for gaming look here :,2738.html
    .and for photoshop still core i5 760 beat amd.
  4. surprised by those results actually, but thanks for your replies - especially the direct comparison. looks like the i5 760 is the one to get!
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