Make a molex to sata adapter?

While I'm waiting for my new PSU, i would like to hook up an old 400w i have laying around. The only problem is that it doesn't have sata plugs on it. I found directions online but they were so old that the wiring diagrams were missing from the page. Is there any way to even cut the molex plugs off it and splice on the sata plugs from my old PSU? The only problem i see is that sata has an extra orange wire, but the adapters you can buy online somehow seem to bypass this.
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  1. You'd be better off just buying an adaptor to be honest or whatever newegg equivalent is
  2. Well, i just needed to do a bit more research. The orange wire is 3.3v, and upon opening the PSU i found all the wires were marked and quite a few empty 3.3v holes in the circuit board. So, with a bit of orange wire and some soldering, the rig is up and running again. I even managed to alter the over sized PSU casing enough to fit it inside the slimline casing. But thanks for your time anyways. Maybe i should have been a bit more direct, i really just needed to know what the voltage was. Im now left wondering how the adapters you buy can even work, it seems the output sata would still be lacking the 3.3v connection.
  3. glad you got sorted ok man :)
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    Here's a little more info on the SATA power plug..... scroll to bottom...

    actually half way down the page.....
  5. Ok, here's a quote from Wikepedia. "Some 4-pin Molex to SATA power connectors have electronics included in the connector to also provide the 3.3 V power. Understanding this, drive manufacturers have largely left the 3.3 V power lines unused." That just about answers my question, thanks for the help. :) So, more than likely, i hooked up a wire to the plug that will never be used. But i guess it's good to have it just in case. Lol.
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