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I am curious what the highest end card with a SPDIF passthrough would be. Nvidia seems to have stopped now with the 400 series, and I don't know of an ATI card with one.

It seems to me that the best I could do would be the Nvidia 200 series, however if anyone has any other suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Why do you need it? The highest end would be a GTX 285 for single-GPU and GTX 295 for a single-card.
  2. Thank you that seemed to be all that I could find but I wanted to make sure. It was just a personal preference since I only have media center remotes on the TV's that I will be sending the audio to, so I am unsure if I would be able to toggle audio back and forth between the PC and HDMI sound just using those remotes (assuming I used a card with audio on board).

    Using the SPDIF should take care of the need to toggle and since I have a decent sound card I was hoping to use that as the source.
  3. You can use device manager or Sound in control panel to manually select the device you want.
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