Please suggest PC components for nVidia GTX 460 1GB card

Hi guys, I'll be build a new computer in 2 months. I have short listed a GTX 460 1GB graphics card. I'll be playing games in 1920*1200 or 1680*1050 resolution.

Please suggest me the cheapest processor and motherboard combo which will not bottleneck the card. I intend to use this system for as long as the card is capable of playing latest games.

Also, suggest me a good PSU for the system. I will be using 2 SATA-3 HDDs, 2*2 GB DDR3 ram, 2 optical drives and 1 sound card.

Thanks in advance .. :)
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    if you want a cheap CPU that gives you solid gaming performance, I would go with an Athlon II x3 445 or 450.

    any AM3 motherboard will run it and there are plenty out there to choose from. the 770 are older and can be had for a good price while working with DDR3 ram

    a 500w PSU from Seasonic, Antec, Corsair will power your rig with no issues. xigmatek, ocz, enermax, and silverstone are also solid brand names.
  2. You might want to reconsider, the HD6770/870 (however they want to name it) is coming out by then and will definitely mix up the market.

    The cheapest CPU/Mobo is the Athlon X3+AM3, and ct's [ats are pretty decent for the money, though you might want to OC it a little bit for CPU-intensive games.

    But if you want to OC, the 740 might be a better buy for $10 more:
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys..

    @greghome - I am not planning for an SLi system right now, maybe when Sandy Bridge or Bulldozer hits the shop. :sarcastic:
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